Online Software Development

Online Software Development

Our Extensive Software Development course will enable you to use popular softwares to a professional standard

Python Full Stack

1= Data types and variables
2= Logic, Expressions and Modules
3= Classes, Objects and Exception Handling
4= Decision making, Expressions and Loops
5= Files, Streams and APIs
6= Data Structures and Databases
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C# Full Stack

1= Data types and variables
2= Logic, Conditionals and Methods
3= Arrays and Loops
4= Classes and Objects
5= Interfaces, Inheritance and References
6= Lists and LINQ

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Android App

1= Introduction to Android and Java
2= Wireframing, Java Variables and Android Studio
3= Logic and Conditionals
4= Arrays and Loops
5= Object Oriented Programming
6= Android SDK Overview

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Django Framework

1= Introduction to Django Framework
2= Django basics overview
3= Django Models and population scripts
4= Django forms and validation
5= Django Templates and URLs
6= Django passwords and User Authentication

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PHP Framework

1= Introduction to PHP and MySQL
2= Testing Environments and WAMP
3= Variables, Logic, Strings and Numbers
4= Conditional Operations and Transferring Information
5= Databases and MySQL
6= Building a Web Application with security

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Web Designing

1= Introduction to Web design
2= HTML basics and Advanced
3= CSS basics and Advanced
4= Bootstrap overview
5= Javascript basics and advanced
6= Website development project

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Course Details

Course Duration: 6 months

Course fee: Rs30,000/=

Fee Installments: 3 Installments Rs10,000/= each

Course Start Date: 1/10/2020

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