Product Development Certificate

What you will learn in this course

You will learn all the skills and techniques for your selected product

We will assign you a project based on live customer requirement
you will be a part of project developing team
you will learn how to document and communicate with client and clarify the product specification.
you will learn project management, time lines  and resource management finally reporting modules.
You will learn specific skills required for the project and you will complete your portion under supervision of experts.
if you are from software side lets say developing a android based level surveying unit you will learn required IDE coding and delivery
if you are from mechanical backgroud you need to learn designing in CATIA v5 or solid works complete design specification.
If you are from electronics background you need to learn using simulation and use of PICK place machine, PCB CNC router, Infra red soldering station.
If you are CAD- CAM designer you will learn using CNC lathe , CNC Milling ,EDM and coding Gcodes.
If you are material designer you will learn stress testing and tensile stress testing unit....
If you are on plastic molding side you will learn using a automatic molding machine and its operations.
If you are learning mold designing you will learn simulation process and clearance margins of plastic and shrinkage allowances
If you sheet metal parts making you will learn cutting metal with CNC plasma cutter ...
if you are on solar side learning you will learn how to design smart grid inverter and its installation.

So on so what ever your project you will be taught the required skills we will provide you all machines and working space during your learning period .

CNC Machines, Equipments and Tools.

These machines include all CNC Lathe, CNC milling ,PICK & PLACE component laying machines, Robotic arms, infra red solering unit, high speed motor, magentic feild tester, Flir cameras , thermal imaging camera, VR simulators, VR stations, vr formula 1 racing car , 9D cinema, Plasma cutting machine, sheet metal press, power cutting tolls, plastic molding machine....etc

After completion of Project.

once you complete your project you will be awarded with certificate of completion and you are eligible to bid for supplying that product to our customers.

*Optional* We will be offering masters program from Georgia these credit hours will be adjusted and 1 year of project basded learning (min 2 projects)and a reseach project you can get masters degree(terms and conditions applied). for final semester you have to study in Gerogia. Certificate will be issued as mastering in project management

If you are successful you will be assigned projects and will be paid on completion

Based on your performance you will be eligible to work with us in our international offices and partners like in UK, USA, Canada , Georgia , and Dubai

Highly skilled and well trained engineers are required everywhere in the world you can apply for fast track immigration for Canada.

Project Expenses and Fees.

During your project learning process you will be using materials , machines , tools, electric bills and overheads all comes with a cost. We have carefully studied all costs put min affordable fees for LEARN & EARN program participants.

Average fee of LEARN & EARN program is 49,000 Rupees based on duration normally it take 4 to six months for project learning and project completion. you need to be available 8 hours a day minimum you will be assigned various tasks related to project.


A project based learning process

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