Unity 3D and VR

Unity3D & VR Course Outline

Our Extensive Unity Course will teach you all the skills required to create professional VR content

Unity 3D Full Course

1= Introduction to Unity
2= C# Programming
3= 3D Terrain, Environments and Lighting
4= Collisions, prefabs and User Interfaces
5= Particle Systems, Animations and Audio
6= Mobile Development and Game Deployment
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VR Game Design

1= VR Game development and prototyping
2= Locomotion and Ergonomics
3= Hand Presence and Interaction
4= VR User Interface design
5= Sound in VR
6= Optomization of VR Games
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VR in Education

1= Introduction to Education in VR
2= VR based learning techniques
3= Virtual Reality based tutorials
4= Interactive VR examples
5= High-tech VR learning
6= Group-based learning in VR
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VR based Simulators

1= Introduction to VR Simulators
2= Types of VR Simulators
3= Introduction to simulator hardware
4= 3-Axis control of Simulator
5= Spacial management of simulator
6= Optomisation of movements to minimise motion sickness
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Unreal Engine

1= Introduction to Unreal Engine
2= Actors
3= Blueprints
4= Players, inputs and Collisions
5= User interfaces and Audio
6= FPS Game design project
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360° VR Videos

1= Introduction to 360° VR Videos
2= Working with 360° Cameras
3= Audio Recording for 360° Videos
4= Stitching lines for camera overlap
5= 360° VR videos for virtual classroom
6= Optomization of VR video to minimize strain
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Course Details

Course Duration: 6 months

Course fee: Rs30,000/=

Fee Installments: 3 Installments Rs10,000/= each

Course Start Date: 24/9/2020

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